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Ion Chromatography 1820

  • Fully inert, PEEK based modules engineered for high performance, ease-of-use, and reliability.
    Conductivity detector with integrated design and plug-and-play capability.
    A variety of column compartments available to organize columns and achieve precise retention time reproducibility. 


    Ion Chromatography

    IC1820 PEEK pump(FLOM)


    6-port sample injector(Rheodyne )


    electrochemical self-regenerating suppressor


    Bi-polar-pulse conductivity detector


    column oven




    Clarity Workstation


    Ion chromatography pump
    Inert pump, PEEK based material
    Max. pressure: 35MPa(PEEK), 42MPa(stainless steel)
    Flow range:0.000~9.999ml/min
    Pressure accuracy:≤0.1MPa

    Electrical conductivity detector
    Detection range: 0~1000μS/ 0-5mS
    Cell Volume: ≤1μL
    Baseline noise:≤0.5%FS
    Baseline drift:≤2.0%FS/30min

    Column oven
    Stability of temperature control:
    Temperature reslution:±0.1

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