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UV2200 Spectrophotometer

    1. Specially designed for industry and labs
    2. Pre-set wavelength program (4 wavelengths), and one-touch key response
    3. Single-point curve calibration and multi-point curve calibration (up to 12 points)
    4. Display of fitting degree of curve fitting and concentration data with up to 50 sets of curve parameters storage
    5. Display of concentration data with up to 200 sets of data storage
    6. System clock management/ Dark current calibration/ wavelength calibration/USB data communication
    7. Data-processing software


    Optical System

    Single beam, C-T type, 1200 lines/mm grating


    Silicon photo diode

    Light Source

    Tungsten lamp (socket type, 20W / 12V, 2000 hours)

    Deuterium lamp (1000 hours)

    Display Mode

    4.3” color LCD, touch screen

    Spectral Bandwidth


    Wavelength Range

    190 - 1100nm

    Wavelength Accuracy

    ±1.5nm (Calibrate by system automatically )

    Wavelength Repeatability


    Stray Light

    ≤0.3%T (220Nal)

    Photometric Range

    T-1.0 ~ 200.0%T A-0.5 ~ 3.000AbsF0 ~ 9999C0 ~ 9999

    Photometric Accuracy


    Photometric Repeatability




    Data Output

    USB interface, LPT parallel printer interface



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