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  • Feature:
    ★Quadruple mass analyzer
    ★Ion Source: EI (electron ionization) standard
    ★High performance GC1290 gas chromatography, with EPC (electronic pneumatic control) system and 7   inch touch screen display
    ★Clarity software, comply with GLP/FDA-21 CFR Part11


    ★Maximum flow: 200ml/min (N2) 1000ml/min(He)
    ★Flow accuracy: ±5%
    ★Flow repeatability: ±0.35%
    ★Split ratio: 0~5000
    ★Injection temperature: 0℃ ~ 420℃
    ★Column oven temperature: 5℃ ~ 420℃
    ★Temperature setting precision: 0.1℃
    ★Teperature control precision: 0.02℃
    ★Program  temperature rise: 20 orders
    ★Maximum temperature rise rate: 80℃/min
    ★Filament current: 5uA ~ 300uA
    ★Electron energy: 10eV ~ 250eV
    ★Mass range: 1.5u ~ 1000u
    ★Scanning speed: 30000u/second
    ★Mass accuracy: ±0.1u
    ★Sensitivity: 1pg OFN
    ★Resolution: FWHM﹥1200

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